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Hi there. I’m Julie Kemerling. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be posting recent sessions, ideas, inspiration and more as I get this up and running. This blog is new and some of the pages and categories aren’t organized yet (user error for sure – lol), but I’ll get it figured out eventually. Its all good.  I truly love working with people and photography is such a unique form of capturing and communicating life. Some of the most priceless moments happen in the blink of an eye and I love that charge of energy. It’s life at its finest.

I truly believe there’s no perfect image, only the perfect moment. Check back and let me know what you think of my images and ideas are always welcome.

Click on the image to the left visit the A Fine Photographer website and to see more of my work.

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4 thoughts on “About Julie

  1. hi! I this is super random!

    I am trying to find a woman I met in Hawaii years ago- we were both photographers and she gave me her card and I recently found it! Her name was Julie Harju, so I didn’t know if she got married and changed her name and that’s why I cannot find her to say hi! I have googled her name and it brings up random websites, and that why I found yours! Great work! Adie

  2. Hello Adie,
    I have done some photography in Hawaii, but I’m not Julie Harju. On Facebook, there is a girl Named Julie Harju in Wisconsin. Good luck.

  3. Thanks! Yes, there are 3 women by that name but none of them are her! I appreciate you getting back with me.

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