A Fine Photographer – Family Pet Photography with Siamese Kittens

I love dogs and cats and horses (although I know nothing about horses)! Anyone who knows me especially knows that, yes, I love kitties. And last week I got a call to basically do a family portrait session for a family of siamese cats (mom, dad and four kittens). How cute, and such a unique idea. I told the client that cats are typically pretty difficult to photograph, as a group especially, but that I would love to try and see what we could get. Here are some of the images from our session at the client’s home. All the kittens are now at their new homes, so I’m so happy to be able to give these images to the owner for great memories.


A Fine Photographer with Julie Kemerling
Anniversary Portraits in Historic Downtown Littleton, Colorado

These are some of the images from Brittany & Michael’s 2nd year wedding anniversary portrait session. These two are definitely still in the honeymoon phase (which makes a wedding photographer’s job easier)! We all had a great time and Brittany said “just do your magic.” I love it when clients are easy going and willing to just let it happen! What a perfect evening and so much fun I had with them in historic downtown Littleton, Colorado  last week.