A Fine Photographer – Hollywood Glam Party Photography

Here are just a few of all the great glamour clothes and attendees as they entered The Wedding Connectors Hollywood Glam Holiday party on December 12th at The Cable Center in Denver, Colorado. Proceeds from the event went to the B.R.I. Foundation to help with teen suicide prevention. What a spectacular night it was. Thanks to T’Da Design for the transformation and beautiful party atmosphere, complete with peacock feathers and huge HOLLYWOOD lettering, and lounge furniture. The Red Door Photo Booth provided entertain for guests and The Food Guy provided delicious food, desserts and hot drinks. There were too many sponsors to mention them all here but thanks to everyone including The Perfect Wedding Guide and Linda Murri Photography was the official event photographer. Also, special thanks to Hair & Makeup in Motion for providing special looks for The Wedding Connectors. The photos below are from some of my “paparazzi” photographers that I brought in to help as attendees entered the event via the red carpet. It was such fun.




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