Friday Night Fights Photography – Knocking Out Pediatric Cancer

I once again had the privilege to help The Morgan Adams Foundation (MAF) with their newest children’s cancer fundraiser “Friday Night Fights.”  Ray and I photographed the event on Nov. 12th at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado. Poor Boys Pro Boxing and Ferrari of Denver  Bentley Denver were sponsors as well as UBS Financial Services (Bryan Cannon), Bessemer Trust (Eric Holt), Intrinsic Valuation (Alex Hodgkin), Integris Partners (Patrick Seese), Adrenalin, Chubb, HotPressWeb, Jerri’s Tobacco Shop & Fine Wines, KRG Capital Partners, JD Ford & Company, Planit Planners Inc, and Site7Solutions.

The Morgan Adams Friday Night Fights seeks to honor the love and lives of all children who are suffering and have suffered from cancer; to educate and expand the general understanding of childhood cancers; and by blending our memories and our hopes with our determination, the Morgan Adams Friday Night Fights will raise money to further a common goal: a cure.

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