Littleton Couple Celebrate Three Years of Marriage

Last week I photographed Asha and Jason at a beautiful location in Littleton with lots of fall colors.  Married now for three years, they wanted to take some casual, fun photos of just the two of them. What a great idea. I shot the session similar to an engagement session and the images are just priceless. We were cracking up and that makes it all the more fun!  A portrait session is a great way to get a fresh new look at the life you’ve built together.  Sometimes I think the images let you see how wonderful your life is because they make you pause and reflect. If you would like to take some casual lifestyle photos like this, contact me  and we’ll discuss some ideas.  Visit my website at or call the studio at 303-768-0381.








2 thoughts on “Littleton Couple Celebrate Three Years of Marriage

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